Joshua Bastian Cole

Το κειμενο που ακολουθει, σε μορφη audio δημοσιευτηκε στο
και περιγραφει την εμπειρια του Joshua Bastian Cole ως femme trans αγορι σε σχεση με τις τρανς κοινοτητες και ιντερνετικες λιστες στις οποιες εχει ενταχτει ανα διαστηματα αλλα και σε σχεση με το πως ο ιδιος βιωνει τον εαυτο του.

Tarheels and Transfags

Joshua Bastian Cole is a yankee transplant to the South. After graduating from James Madison University's School of Theatre and Dance, Cole moved to southern Virginia and now currently lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but he will always have Brooklyn in his blood. Cole is pursuing a Masters Degree in History & Culture with a specialization in Queer Theory and Performance from the Union Institute and University. He is a femme-identified trannyfag performance artist and playwright who uses performance as a medium for activism and trans awareness. Cole has been published and seen and heard in newspapers, books, magazines, ezines, photo series, films, radio, and podcasts. You can find his website here.

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